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Karin Bar Arya can offer the best rates with the best services in export and import in sea section. This company with having expert team can provide you some consul about sea process and about door to door services and export and import to Bandar abbas , Bushehr, Khorramshahr and BIK.
This company has a long time expert about all direct service, Leg by leg, Cross-Stuff in sea transport. This company with having agents in main ports like Jebel ali, China,..can provide a competitive rate in this parts of transport.
Through the years of experience and by undertaking some of the most unique project, We have some experience in bulk shipment, Flexi services, Iso tank and heavy lift projects cargoes,..
In flexi services, We can provide you the flexi bag suitable for truck and cntr with thickness and license for loading of type of liquids and Imco cgo.
Also we have a specialized team for lashing and lifting of flexi in trucks and cntrs and stuffing too.